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mercoledì 31 agosto 2011

Chi ha paura di Big Bamboo?

lunedì 22 agosto 2011

i Asked my woman what could I do
To make her happy and to keep her true
She darlin darlin, all I want from you
Is a little bitty piece of your big bamboo

She want the big bamboo, always long
The big bamboo grows so bold and strong
The big bamboo stands so straight and tall
The big bamboo pleases one and all

So I gave my lady, a piece of sugar cane
It’s very very sweet, she did explain
But she handed it back, much to my surprise
Said she liked the flavor but not the size

Then I gave my lady, two coconuts
She said darlin darlin, that’s ok but,
I know you want to be nice to me
But what good are the nuts without the bamboo tree

Gave my lady a banana plant
She said to me this is elegant
It’s much to nice to go to waste
but it’s much too soft to suit my taste

Repeat Chorus

i Knew a China man named Lip Long Lo
He went and married down in Mexico
His wife divorce him very quick
Because she want bamboo and not a lousy chop stick

You see this gentleman with his legs crossed,
Sitting there, looking like he’s a real big boss
When I tell you this, he won’t sit at all
Be because I hear that his bamboo, is very small

Bill here from New York, has glasses on his eyes
Looking distinguished, looking so wise
When I tell you this, he’s going to faint and fall
If you thing you have a problem, he has no bamboo at all

Repeat Chorus

See this gentleman, with a big red nose,
My god, it looks like a fireman’s hose
But he’s really lucky, what he can do
With a nose like that, he don’t need no bamboo

You all said your drink taste very good
The bartender’s mix them the way tehy should,
But let me tell you what these bartenders do,
When you’re not looking, they mix your drink with their big bamboo

Sadly this song has to come to an end,
But there is something you sexy ladies out should understand,
If you want a bamboo as wonderful as can be,
Drop everything, and spend some time with me!


Thanks to: SpicyRuski (lyrics), yassan-yukky (photo)

Soci famosi

lunedì 1 agosto 2011

Dopo la via dedicata alla Lucia devo segnalare che pure tra i soci della Gonfius ce ne sono alcuni famosi come si evince dalle foto che seguono.